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I break the silence of my cloistered existence to bring you news! Remember in Q1 I said we were trying to figure out how to get Hurricane Gabriel a buddy? We finally made it happen. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Oliver, aka Ollie, aka Ollie-pop, aka Tropical Storm Oliver (click to see him bigger and cuter):

He's just a bit shy. Let's see if we can get him to show himself a little later. We adopted him from our local shelter, Denise's Delightful Dookers, in early April. We named him Oliver after the Dickens character, because his was a sad story but we hope it too has a happy ending. Ollie was found by somebody in a field in Bellevue in the *middle of January* and turned over to Animal Control, who brought him to DDD. We have no idea if he got out and his owner couldn't find him (although s/he could have looked harder, amirite?) or if he was dumped. Denise worked hard to get him fed and healthy enough for me to come along and meet him. He's a big boy, almost three pounds now, probably a couple years old, with butterscotch fur that is now so very soft and fluffy. As you can tell, he has a sincere and earnest little face. More of his tale... )

We are pretty happy to have him in our weird little family. I hope he and Hurricane Gabriel have a long and happy life with us.
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At home taking a restful vacation day. Or not.

Gabriel, don't burrow under the keyboard while I'm typing.
Gabriel, don't chew on the laptop's rubber feet.
Gabriel, don't stand on my toast.
Gabriel, don't pester Kaylee until she cries.
Gabriel, don't eat my magazine.
Gabriel, don't sneeze in my tea.
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So far today:

Gabriel, don't climb the fireplace bricks.
Gabriel, don't hip-check your sister into the wall.
Gabriel, don't unplug the TV converter.
Gabriel, don't uninstall the carpet.
Gabriel, don't steal my fork.

And it's only 12:35. We've been up for half an hour.
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Today's Gabriel, DON'T file:

Gabriel, don't hide your toys in the fireplace.
Gabriel, don't jump from the top of the cage onto the table where I store your treats.
Gabriel, don't run off with my new houseslippers.
Gabriel, don't bother the drywall patch.
Gabriel, don't chew on the lamp rheostat.
Gabriel, don't stroll around on top of the TV.

If you ask him, I never let him do *anything* fun.
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"I have an idea! Let's not climb inside the wastebasket!"

"Are you wet? You're wet. Why are you wet? You're soaked through! What have you been doing? Answer me when I'm talking to you!"

"No. No. Gabriel, no. NO. I said NO, Gabriel. NO. Dammit, I said NO. NO NO NO NO NO."

"Gabriel, nobody wants to drink water that tastes like your feet."

"That is not yours. NOT. YOURS."

"Don't you get cheeky with your dad!"

"Please don't ride your sister."

::channeling Bill Cosby:: "Come here. Come here. Come HERE. COME HERE. Come here come here comeherecomeherecomeherecomeherecomehere!"

These are all pretty much one-sided, as you might imagine. Except for this one:

::sneezes in face:: "Thanks for sharing, Gabriel."
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Stress, how I hate thee! A lot of us are under a lot of stress for a lot of reasons, and I'm going to distract myself by talking about Gabriel (aka "Hurricane Gabriel") for a little bit. In which I blither on about Gabriel at some length. )

Oops! Gotta go - Stress has caught up to me and I must bow to its commands. Take care of yourselves, everybody!
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... all in the space of half an hour:

1. On top of the towel rack in the bathroom
2. Middle of stove
3. Left-hand kitchen counter, paws on toaster
4. Right-hand kitchen counter, pulling knife out of block

Three Things That Have Seen Better Days And Will Never Be The Same Again:

1. Shawn's brand-new bath towel
2. Spatula
3. My nerves

He has taken to climbing the drawers leading up to the kitchen counter. I had seen him eyeing the drawers for a few days but never thought anything would come of it. I really do not know how to keep him from scaling the drawers. We'll trim Tenzing Norgay's toenails, but after that I'm at a loss.

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[livejournal.com profile] icprncs wrote a most charming post about a day in the life with two cats and a dog. It's a delightful thing to read at the end of a long and arduous week (which came on the heels of two other long and arduous weeks). It got me thinking about my own companion animals, ferrets Kaylee and Fiona. I wouldn't say either one is neurotic, exactly, but we've had to learn to adapt to their little idiosyncracies. Fiona has taken on the crucial and thankless job of making sure our feet and legs get licked dry after a shower. She takes this responsibility very seriously and frets until we're out of the shower and safely on the bathmat under her loving ministrations. Kaylee will wander in and lick for a few moments in a desultory way just to be sociable, but then she's off again.

Kaylee *hates* a closed door, especially the bathroom door, and will dig at it from either side until somebody opens it (difficult to do if you're stuck on the throne, which is why you're in the bathroom in the first place). Anytime I want to use the facilities, I can expect a lengthy delay while I sort it out with Kaylee and get her in there with me - it's better to have her inside digging at the linoleum than outside digging at the carpet. So S&J, if you've ever wondered why I loudly announce my biffy intentions at your house and wait for several seconds to see if an animal is coming, that's why - I'm that well trained.

Fiona, who is pretty much just a gut on four stubby legs, is extremely serious about her treats. She gets one before we leave for work and another when we go to bed. Her cue in the morning is when I get my shoes out of the closet, at which point she runs up to the top level of the cage and leans over the edge, all antsy and fidgety. And she had better get her treat before Kaylee does, or else she'll try to steal it out of Kayl's mouth. Kaylee is not that into treats and sometimes turns up her nose at a fishie, so we try a Pounce instead, and sometimes that doesn't appeal either. This is now a banner morning for Fiona, who gets *two* treats.

All the toys in the house belong to Kaylee, and Fiona doesn't get to play with them unless Kaylee is asleep. Fiona doesn't really like to play with them anyway - but sometimes she will put them away under the table or chair, because that's where they Go, and Fee is an earnest and conscientious little weasel.

Sometimes Kaylee will become intensely interested in an activity for a few days and then give it up for weeks. It might be repeatedly kicking all the books off the lowest bookshelf, or pulling out all the CDs on the bottom shelf. It might be getting into one particular kitchen cabinet. It might be trying to climb the fireplace screen. I don't know what causes the ebb and flow of these strange tides. Ah, me. I do love them, foibles and all.

Do you share your home with other tribes? How's that going for you?
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S had a tough Friday and didn't want to go out that evening, so I decided to get a couple of steaks and cook them at home. I had a recipe for Beef Tenderloin with Blue Cheese Sauce from the same health-conscious folks that brought us Beef Stroganoff. We went to Yuppie Mart and invested in a couple of slabs of meat for about $10 a piece. The recipe said to broil them for 13-16 minutes for medium-rare to medium, but this was assuming they were both about 1" thick. They weren't - mine was thick but a smallish piece, and Shawn's was not as thick but spread out over more acreage. (The way I figure it, tenderloin at Yuppie Mart runs $40/lb.) Shawn likes his medium-rare, so I cooked them for only 13 minutes, hauled them out, put the sauce on, and let them rest. We cut into them and his was okay but mine was way WAY underdone. We put it back under the broiler for another 6 minutes or so, but then it came out well done (and I can hear you screaming all over the Internets) and was dry and incredibly unappealing. There are a number of lessons in here: If you're going to screw up an innocent piece of meat, get a cheaper one at Safeway rather than take out a mortgage on steak at Yuppie Mart. Make sure they are the same size. Aim for the mid-range of cooking time, neither too short nor too long. A really good piece of steak doesn't need a bunch of blue cheese sauce on top. My broccoli came out perfectly, though.

My scrambled eggs lack charm. )

Our department gets to take off early this afternoon to go to the season opener game for the Mariners. It seems like a pretty good day to catch a baseball game (although we had snow in Snohomish County last night/this morning - how weird is that?). I should go do some work in the meantime. Have a good one out there!
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Hmm. In retrospect, that sounds like a particularly obnoxious pr0n spam email. What I really mean is, I'm looking for a tasty, sweetish marinade for boneless pork tenderloin. Last night I broke out of the chicken rut and made Apricot Pork Medallions. Mostly it consisted of pork tenderloin medallions, 1/2 cup of diced dried apricot, 2 t brown sugar, 1/4 t red wine vinegar, and some butter. I did not include a dash of hot pepper sauce or green onions because I don't like those things, but in retrospect they might have added some needed flavor. The recipe says to "brown" the medallions first in a hot skillet in butter, but pork doesn't really get brown, does it? It's a sort of flabby white/gray. Herm. I found the whole dish a little dull, but Shawn thought it was better than I give it credit for. He suggests that we try marinating the pork first in something. You would be surprised at the lack of pork marinades in my various cookbooks. Anybody got anything you especially like? I served it on a bed of Goth Spinach with a side of steamed broccoli and whole-wheat dinner rolls. Then I blew it by having a Rocky Road chocolate egg. Dammit. The important thing here is that I made something different and it turned out okay, and I'm comforted and reassured by this. I still want to make fish. What's stopping me?

Sorry I stopped posting about the cooking stuff for a while there... )

Whoops - incoming. Gotta go. Hope you are all having a good Thursday!

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